The Importance of IT Security for Small Businesses

It used to be the case that business owners really only had to worry about burglars and unscrupulous employees if they wanted to ensure that their customers’ data and their own inventory was protected. Today, though, the internet poses almost as many threats as it does advantages in the business world; there’s no fighting progress, though, and no business owner wants to be left behind. That’s why it’s essential that business owners look into IT Security for businesses in Los Angeles, regardless of their size or what industry they work in.
Companies of All Sizes are at Risk

While most news coverage of cyber attacks comes from larger companies, the reality is that nearly half of these attacks are actually leveraged against small businesses. The unfortunate result is that 60 percent f small business owners find that they’re unable to recover and wind up going under within half a year of being attacked. Hiring a company like Frontline to perform a security evaluation can go a long way toward preventing this unfortunate problem.

Protecting Client Data

Half of all small businesses who have been attacked by cyber criminals have reported data breaches that targeted customers or employees. This can have a dramatic impact on how much trust customers have in the companies they d business with. Business owners who want to keep their customers happy need to be concerned about online security, as their personal data may be at risk.

Keeping an IT Team on Staff is Expensive

It just doesn’t make sense to spend the money to keep a full staff of IT professionals for most small businesses; this cost often leaves them unprotected from online attacks. Instead of spending an exorbitant amount of money to keep an IT team on site, small business owners may want to look into third-party IT security consulting firms, as this offers them all of the benefits of hiring on full time employees at a much lower cost. Plus, instead of hiring just one or two dedicated professionals, they’ll get access to an entire team of IT personnel who can help with everything from data storage to disaster recovery in addition to providing security services.


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